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"An investment in knowledge pays the most interest." ~Benjamin Franklin

Join me! Online education-based webinars. New topics added regularly.

In these webinars I review current trends, strategies, and solutions to help you maximize your retirement and financial planning. Learn common mistakes, obstacles, and ideas from my 20 years in helping clients plan their financial future. Bring your questions or email me in advance. 

June 17 12pm EST: What the %$&# is a Stock Option? Understanding your company stock plans. It can seem like an alphabet - ESOP, RSU, NQSO, and more. Confused? You're not alone. Join Summit Tax Advisor James Rabasca as he discusses how these plans work, tax planning opportunities, and more (in an easy to understand format). Register Here

June 22 & 29 6:30pm EST 4 Steps to Retirement Planning. It may sound like a diet or exercise video, but believe it or not, you can learn retirement planning in four steps. Learn how to calculate a retirement savings need plus the 4 pillars of income: Social Security, Investments, Real Estate, and Pensions. Register Here

My goal is to educate investors on the issues, ideas, and solutions available to help them make their retirement dreams a success. After all, you only want to retire once.  ~Michael

Better outcomes through better planning.